Why Your Business Website Needs A Chat Feature

Why Your Business Website Needs A Chat Feature-ETechHunt
Written by Rakesh Kumar

When the concept of placing a live chat facility on business websites was first introduced, many companies dismissed the option assuming it would just be a gimmick. Fast forward to 2021, and the use of live online chat services by customers and businesses has become much more commonplace. What that in mind, in this post, we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of such services and hopefully persuade you that your business needs to introduce a chat feature to customers asap.

Why Your Business Website Needs A Chat Feature

Convenient to clients

To begin with, live chat is a convenient, low-barrier contact method for customers. They don’t have to spend time looking up your business’s contact details, such as email address and phone numbers, to get in touch. Instead, they visit your website and start a session with a company agent.

Webchat facilities give customers a choice. Many of today’s customers hate talking to businesses on the phone or in person, and they also hate having to write emails. Instead, they prefer to communicate via short text messages in real-time. Giving customers a convenient audio video chat option that they don’t hate is a great way to drive brand loyalty and encourage repeat orders.

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Easily New Features Can Be Added

Adding audio video chat features to your website can increase online sales dramatically. Similarly, car showrooms employ skilled sales agents to assist customers with their purchasing decisions and upsell add-on features; your website needs digital agents available 24/7 to drive sales.

Live chat software can provide website visitors with immediate technical support and reduce site navigation errors. Visitors who are confronted with 404 pages for whatever reasons can be guided to the page they are looking for immediately by a live agent. Customers that forget their login credentials can similarly be helped swiftly.

Can Help To Conduct A Survey

It’s possible to harvest a lot of valuable data from visitors who use the live chat facilities on your website. Many customers are more than happy to complete quick pre-chat and post-chat surveys that will provide your business with helpful feedback. Of course, you should always make the surveys skippable and short to yield the best responses.

Angry customers who want immediate answers will often take social media and communicate openly with your company in the public domain. Introducing a live chat box to your website will channel some customers in a private space where company agents can resolve the issues without significant damage to your business’s reputation.

Nowadays, more companies than ever before are expanding operations to the international marketplace. Another benefit of audio video chat software for businesses that serve many international clients is that it removes language barriers. The best software packages are equipped with multilingual capacities and real-time translation services for seamless communication between company agents and customers in any country in the world.

Arguably one of the most significant advantages of live chat sessions is that they are low cost. Companies that provide freephone customer service lines often have huge telephone bills to contend with. Meanwhile, online live chat services offer a low-cost alternative. Furthermore, customers always appreciate being able to instantly connect with an actual human instead of waiting on hold while tinny-sounding music plays down the earpiece.

Staff Management

One great feature of live chat software for your management staff is that it’s easy to monitor. It enables you to access transcripts from every session of an agent and carry out quality control audits. It is also easy to provide agents with quick support during live sessions. Many businesses use outsourced live chat agents rather than in-house staff as cheaper and more agents can always be added to the system during busy periods.

Preventing shopping cart abandonment is perhaps one of the most popular features of live webchat systems. By sending a craftily worded live message to website visitors at a strategic time, you can reduce the chances of abandoning an online shopping cart full of items.

Most live chat software integrates with CRM systems, so agents always have access to customer’s account details when chatting to them. As a result, customers enjoy more personalized service, and upselling becomes easier. Also, pre-set canned responses are available to agents to get fatigued repeatedly answering the same questions.

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Have the benefits of implementing a live chat feature on your business website discussed above convinced you that it’s time to start exploring different providers? If so, it’s essential to make sure you research providers thoroughly. Poor live chat software can lead to a bad experience for everyone, and frustrated customers and company representatives are never good for a business.

When it comes to the future of live chat services, AI chatbots are becoming more sophisticated, and many predict they will almost completely replace human agents in the not-to-distant future. Many software packages already have some basic AI-powered integrated chat facilities.

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