Why Should You Consider 360 Feedback Program?

Why Should You Consider 360 Feedback Program
Written by Rakesh Kumar

If you tend to enhance the performance of your organization as a whole then you should use the concepts of feedback. There are tools and instruments that can be employed for the best usage.  These concepts can be picked for the best outcomes.

A common question that is heard is ‘should an organization use 360-degree feedback to do performance reviews?’ Well, it is something that depends on what you are doing. Are your managers expected to carry out performance reviews on their staff members? Do you think it is an official review or do you wish to have multiple raters? Is this just a standard and not an official review?  Well, whatever be the case, you can make the most of these feedback programs in your organization. These are the concepts that give you an insight into your organization and the employees working therein.

Why Should You Consider 360 Feedback Program?

The reason many organization opts for 360-degree performance appraisal on different levels is that they want to be sure about the efforts that their employees put. They don’t want to spend their days futile. The point is to ensure that the staff members are agile, professional and expert. 360-degree feedback permits the organization to use multiple raters such as peers, supervisors, subordinates, direct reports, and external raters such as clients or even vendors to leave feedback on a staff member or an employee. The feedback is mostly used as a benchmark inside the employee’s development plan. In a team-focused environment, 360-degree feedback reviews can be extremely effective. It allows the employee to know how his or her team members work and how they take feedback.

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Why Should You Consider 360 Degree Feedback Program

It is vital that the feedback stays anonymous to the person who was rated. In case employees are allowed to witness the ratings and comments and who left them, feelings of anger and resentment can emerge along with tension among the staff members and the raters. Of course, nobody would like to listen to what his co-worker said about him or her. Certainly, once you have a good feedback program, it would allow you to have an anonymous feedback thing and nobody would get to know about who said what about them.

In case you have a plant to implement the 360-degree feedback process, you should make sure that you have a firm performance management system in place before you do so. 360-degree feedback and performance reviews are mostly used in conjunction with one another to create a robust one-two punch for employee coaching and of course overall development. Once the arrangements are right and the crew is perfect for feedback, things would turn out to be effective for the organization.

Why companies opt for 360 feedback programs only?

Most of the companies have a mission statement, a sight statement, and a statement of aims. The 360 review caters executive’s insight into the skills, behavior, and attitude that a company feels are desirable towards fulfilling these targets. Having said this, there are plenty of benefits associated with the program of 360 performance review process but, the organization should be committed to the procedure.  Remember when the management fails to have a great implementation and follow-up plan, the system is certainly going to fail and might even give undesired results.

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The implementation tips

  • The most vital aspect of successful implementation and arrangement of a 360 review program is that there is buy-in direct from the senior management staff and Board of Directors.
  • Design the program metrics so as to ensure that they measure the core competencies required for an employee to succeed inside the company and that assist the company succeeds in meeting its goals as laid out in the aim or mission and vision statement as well as the goals of the company.

  • Remember that the assessments should be finished confidentially for appraisers to be comfortable that these can cater to proper and constructive feedback. Various companies make use of an outside company for administering an electronic survey. More so, various companies have turned out to be a cloud-based service that arranges and manages the entire performance review procedure. These collect data from inside the company relating to attendance, productivity and other metrics that populate corresponding fields on the completed 360 reviews. Such types of companies also blend with the payroll and human resource systems.
  • Being an organization, you would also have to educate all personnel on the procedure so that it is clear and apparently understood by all the working staff in the company. Raters must be trained to cater to the feedback that is helpful for an employee to grow. As an example, stating that “It shall be better in case the safety committee meets monthly rather than quarterly” is far better than any type of statement like, “My supervisor is a dreadful communicator.” The first statement is clear and targets an area that requires work.
  • Apart from all these things, you have to make sure that the purpose of the review procedure is for the progress and development of the employees and not to manage performance.

Come on, when you spend so much time on your other programs, concepts, and setups; you should spare some time for this program too. Once you have a feedback program in your organization, you would not just be able to progress but also get an idea about the qualities that your employees have. Of course, you would get to know how your staff members take their feedbacks. Do they really work on the areas they are weak at?  Do the employees getting rated take him feedback healthily and improve accordingly?

Well, these are the small thing is that make the biggest impact. There has to be a positive approach towards the feedback and overall working. Once your employees have a positive approach, things would certainly turn out to be beneficial.

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So, having read it all, it might be clear to you that these 360 feedback programs are for the betterment of your organization and for the development of your employees. The more you make of these, the better you would reap.

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