Top 10 Cloud Backup Services For Storing Huge Data Online

Top 10 Cloud Backup Services For Storing Data Online
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Do you backup your computer’s data or any type of data? If yes then what do you do to backup your data, are you using cloud backup services? and if no then you are making a huge mistake. Many computer users backup their computer’s data in an external drive and if you are not doing the same as you should be.

Backing up your data to the external drives is a good idea, you can easily buy some cheap hard drives and ship them where ever you live with a parcel forwarding service, but the fact is that both your computer’s data and backup drive’s data is vulnerable. Data loss can happen in various forms such as due to power shortages, hackers, disk errors, accidental deletion or physical destruction.

Insurance may cover your assets but the data is irreplaceable. You must look for a reliable source for backing up your data and cloud backup services could be a great option.

Top 10 Cloud Backup Services For Storing Huge Data Online

If you are looking for a great cloud backup service, there are many and choosing one for you may be little overwhelming that’s why I have made this list of top 10 cloud backup services for storing huge amount of data online. I am sure it is going to be helpful for you, let’s have a look at this worthy list:

1. IDrive

IDrive is one of the best online backup and cloud storage service available. With IDrive online backup will be easier. This online data backup service offers real-time backup which makes it capable of detecting any kind of changes in your computer’s file or data and automatically back them up.

IDrive is compatible with both iOS and Android devices thus no matter if you are using a Mac, PC, Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can backup and store your files easily. Its real-time backup prevents data loss and it also allows its users to set up a specific time to sync their files.


IDrive makes file sharing very easy, with just right clicking you can create your file’s link to share it on Facebook, email or Twitter.

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IDrive comes with another excellent feature called “IDrive express”. In any kind of emergency situations, IDrive can ship you a physical copy of your data.

2. CrashPlan

For a small business CrashPlan online backup service is a perfect backup solution. It offers unlimited backup no matter whatever the type of your file is. With CrashPlan, you can create a hybrid system to sync your data both to the cloud and a local device of your choosing.

The data backup process of this service runs automatically and continuously in the background so you don’t have to do anything manually. CrashPlan provides a control console through which you can access your control panel from anywhere and monitor your backup.


CrashPlan uses an excellent 256-bit-AES data encryption which prevents the risk of vulnerability of your data during uploading.

3. BackBlaze

If you own a Mac and looking for a great backup service for your iOS devices then you may go with BackBlaze. BackBlaze comes with continuous and unlimited backup and it also allows its users to schedule their backup.


This online backup service provides a lot of great features and in a condition of emergency. You can ask for an immediate restore. BackBlaze service will ship you the physical copy of your data in a form of a hard drive.

4. Carbonite

With Carbonite the initial backup process begins just after installing the software. After the process of initial backup, Carbonite makes continuous and constant uploads whenever a change in system’s files detects.

Like most of the other backup services Carbonite also allows its users to schedule their backup and also make them control the amount of bandwidth, they want to invest.


With Carbonite your data will be in safe hands no doubt. It allows its users to establish their own encryption key which ensures an extra layer of security to your data. No one can access your data, nor a Carbonite staff or any other person.

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5. Acronis

Acronis is an advanced online backup platform which can be used both for cloud and hybrid storage. It comes with a package of great restore and backup tools which enables easy customization of cloud, virtual and physical networks.

Acronis is designed and developed to handle any business’s needs as it grows with time. This online backup service can easily backup your data from cloud platforms, servers, virtual machines and even from mobile devices.


It integrates with the best and most popular platforms, such as Microsoft-Hyper-V, VMWare vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VM Server and Linux KVM to provide best backup and protection of your data.

6. SpiderOak

When it comes to quality backup, there is no other software than SpiderOak which provides great backup and privacy features. Backup, share and sync your data from multiple devices at a time.

No matter what life brings to you, SpiderOak ensures best backup and protection to your precious data. It comes with four different pricing and plans which makes it affordable for every size of business.


SpiderOak offers a lot of features and few of them listed below

  • End to end data encryption
  • Support file sharing
  • Provide top-notch privacy
  • Cross-platform available
  • Absolute recovery
  • Affordable plans
  • Multiple device compatibility

7. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is the fast-growing online backup and data syncing platform. Due to its ease of access and great features, it is also called an individual’s personal cloud-based hard drive.

Amazon Drive is completely different from its competitors in the aspect of pricing and feature. Amazon Drive offers great flexible plans and pricing and you pay for only what you need.


It also excellent content support and allows its users to upload any kind of digital media including music, photos, documents, videos etc. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices and if you are a music lover and want to save your tracks on cloud storage then there is nothing better than Amazon Drive.

8. Big Mind by Zoolz

Most of the cloud backup services come with a hybrid backup solution but Zoolz offers three-dimensional backup solutions for its users.

With Zoolz users can backup their data from their hot storage, cold storage and from their own backup device. Three is better than one and it obviously provides three-layered protection to your data and you can go with one backup solution if you want.

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Just like other cloud backup services Zoolz also provide automatic and scheduled backup feature to its users. Let me provide a short description of its hot and cold storage.

Hot Storage – It is also called “intelligent cloud” backup solution. Hot storage is more active if compared to cold storage and it allows its users to do quick searches for any kind of specific files or data.

Cold Storage – Cold storage is a long-term archiving and data backup process. The cold storage facility is ideal for businesses which need to archive a larger amount of data. With lower chances of frequent transfer and access, cold storage uses lower bandwidth resulting in cheaper storage.

9. Egnyte

Egnyte cloud backup service comes with excellent file support, fast and reliable file sharing and one of the best security measures. And allows you to store any kind of data virtually including documents, videos, slideshows music files and more.


Egnyte provides one centralized access point which makes it easy for you and your employees to share files and collaborate with others easily and fastly. Egnyte also uses data encryption while uploading files and save your data from getting stolen or attacked by ransomware.

10. Bitcasa

Bitcasa may be one of the latest cloud storage providers but it offers great backup features. It provides unlimited virtual storage for backup and syncing your data.

Bitcasa was developed as a storage and syncing service but it also supports continuous data backup. It is compatible with OS and Windows devices and saves your data from any kind of vulnerability by encrypting your files before uploading.

Bitcasa is developed to keep the backup revision history which means if you have a backed up a file many times and want to restore its older version then you can pick and restore that particular data easily.

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There are many cloud backup services available but here all listed backup services names are great. With this, you can store or backup your any type of data online which data can be huge or small. Great thing is that you can easily use these services on any platforms. I hope it will be very helpful for the backup and storing your all data online, I’m sure cloud data is safe in comparison to offline data. If you enjoyed this article, please share this.

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