Top 7 Essential Content Marketing Tools You Need

Top 7 Essential Content Marketing Tools You Need
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Content Marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing methods in today’s world. Businesses are willing to invest more in content marketing because it provides them with better marketing opportunities and boosts product sale significantly. Strategies for marketing that involve content marketing methods are very effective for drawing in the attention of a targeted audience and engaging them.

The ever-increasing market competition requires businesses to choose wisely where and how they want to spend. Moreover, if they are using any business marketing strategies, they must monitor the outcome and keep a check on whether their strategies are performing with an efficiency that the industry demands, or not. This is why it is crucial to plan your brand’s content marketing strategy effectively.

Top 7 Essential Content Marketing Tools You Need

In this article, we are going to discuss the content marketing tools that can help you impact your targeted customers’ buying decisions. You can do it making them aware of your product, proving that your product is better than your competitors’, and highlighting the specific benefit that they can have with your product through your content. Here is a list of marketing tools that can help you with content marketing.

1. ConvertPro

ConvertPro is an app that you can use for increasing email subscribers. The more people will subscribe to your emails, the larger will be the number of your target audience. This WordPress plugin helps you engage users who are leaving and assists you in reviving the inactive users by redirecting them to a new page.  You can create an email list, promote videos, engage traffic, share updates, and divide users with multistep pop-ups.

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2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that is used for research. It provides you with an insight about who are your targeted customers and what works in your specific industry. It allows you to figure out to whom you should promote your content in order to have maximum exposure to the potential buyers. It also makes it accessible for you to get information about your competitors’ activities.

3. Wikipedia

It may sound new to you but using Wikipedia as a content marketing tool is highly impactful for businesses. Having a page on Wikipedia about your product can enrich your marketing strategy. Wikipedia lets you have an exposure to an international audience. It gives your product credibility that can influence the buying choices of your target customer to a great extent. You can lend a hand from the best Wikipedia writing service provider to have a page on the site.

4. CoSchedule

Co-Schedule is also a very useful content marketing tool that organizes the content on blogs and websites. It is basically an editorial calendar that makes it easier for the users to keep their content updated, consistent, and improved. It enhances your readership by making your web presence regular.

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5. Crazy Egg

Feedback on you are going is essential for the improvement of your performance. Crazy Egg is a tool that generates scroll maps, overlay maps, heat maps, and confetti report. These maps let you know whether your website is functioning well to engage your audience or not. These maps also help you keep a record of how much time a user spent on your website.

6. Buffer

Social Media is one of the most amazing content marketing platforms. However, managing multiple social media accounts is a very time-consuming activity. The buffer is a perfect solution for managing social media accounts in limited time. It automatizes the process of updating posts and posting consistently on social media. It supports many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is very easy to edit, delete, and update posts on multiple sites with Buffer. Also, you can use it with multiple browsers.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a marketing tool for tracking traffic. Google Analytics is a tool that is used for analyzing the traffic that a website is engaging. It can help you observe which of your web pages are the most popular among your target customers. You can also track the traffic for your best posts with Google Analytics. Moreover, it can help you understand what your page visitors are searching for on your page. It records the location of your visitors to help you with understanding the targeted demographics better. There is a lot more than you can utilize Google Analytics for. It can detect the trends and keep you updated about the performance of different online campaigns.

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These are a few best marketing tools that you can utilize for boosting your content marketing strategy and accomplish your marketing goals. Remember that understanding your market and the target customer is the key factor. Considering this, you can use many other tools that would help you in interacting with your audience in more effective ways.

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