Important Tips To Boost Repeat Visitor Traffic To WordPress Websites

Increase Traffic To WordPress Websites
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Are you thinking of migrating your website to WordPress? Then you’re on the proper path because WordPress is the best amongst the other CMS for web development. It will make new web site feature-rich and attract good traffic. However, you must know how to boost repeat visitor traffic to the interface. Repeat visitors help in creating a user-base that can sustain a business. It is the repeat guests who are more likely to buy your products if they haven’t already done so. Such users also help in popularizing a website by sharing its content with their friends and followers.

Tips To Boost Repeat Visitor Traffic To WordPress Websites

It is essential that marketers keep returning visitors engaged with the interface while attracting new ones. They can use the following suggestions to improve their repeat visitor traffic.

1. Regularly Post Helpful Content

Sit back and think why do you keep revisiting a website? More often than not, the answer to this question is great content. Posting helpful and interesting content at regular intervals will encourage people to keep coming back to the interface. Find out the topics that your target audience are most interested in and get professionals to create content accordingly. Follow this by devising a schedule for publishing new material regularly.

The best method would be to attach a blog to the website and uploading new posts on it. Highlight all the latest articles so that visitors know that they are reading fresh material. Good-quality content will keep people engaged and help in creating a large user-base.

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2. Boost User Engagement Through Email

Email can be a powerful tool for engaging visitors. Use your website to collect email IDs. This can be done through contact forms and strategically placed calls to action (CTAs). This will help in building your email list.

Create newsletters which contain fresh content and information about special offers and seasonal events. Instead of waiting for people to visit your website and read the content, you provide a glimpse of it in the newsletter. This will encourage subscribers to visit the interface and also help in building an emotional link with them. Take care not to irritate users by bombarding them with numerous emails during a short span of time. Create a consistent schedule with an appropriate mailing frequency so that people know when to expect the newsletter.

3. Ensure a Good User Experience on The Website

Posting high-quality content will not generate fruitful results if the website design and navigation scheme are inefficient. Keep the website design simple and uncluttered. Identify the elements that you want visitors to pay attention to and use the layout to guide people towards them. For instance, use eye-catching colors for CTA buttons and leave enough white space around them. This will emphasize the tabs and draw people’s attention to them.

Navigation is another important aspect which affects user experience. Visitors must be able to reach any location on the interface in as few clicks as possible. Include an intuitive menu and a powerful search feature to help users in exploring the website. Moreover, get a responsive layout so that the interface can be accessed on all kinds of devices. Satisfying user experience will encourage people to come back and boost repeat visitor traffic of the website.

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4. Promote The Content on Social Media

We are living in an age of information overload. People are being targeted with all kinds of data from different sources. Marketers face the problem of keeping the memory of their brand fresh in the minds of the target audience. With so many distractions, it is easy for people to forget even an informative and helpful website. Social media provides a solution to this problem. Promoting content on social channels will attract new traffic but it will also remind existing users to visit the interface. Post links to fresh material on all your social accounts.

You can also repurpose old but popular content on this platform. Moreover, display social sharing icons prominently on the website. People like to share interesting and useful content with their friends and followers. This will be helpful in driving more organic traffic to the website. 

5. Create Reward Programs to Foster Brand Loyalty

An effective way to boost repeat visits is by incentivizing them. Create a program to reward people who promote your brand. Recognize their efforts by sending personalized messages to them. Do not keep the messaging options limited to emails only. Reach out to such users through multiple channels. Mention them prominently on the website and thank them publicly on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also reward them with special offers or freebies. This will help in creating an emotional bond with the users who will definitely visit the website regularly.

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It is essential to engage the target audience on multiple digital platforms as only then brands can boost repeat visitor traffic to their interfaces. This will help create a loyal consumer base that will contribute to growing the business.

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