The Most Popular Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

The Most Popular Top 5 Keyword Research Tools
Written by Rakesh Kumar

If you want to find Keywords for your website/blog post then you can use the Keyword Research Tool given below. Whatever is good and also free for starting, so that they can make their blog posts SEO) Friendly and easily get ranked in Google.

In such a situation, the new bloggers do not know which are the best Keyword Research Tool for them, and who to use because there are many tools available, but most are Paid, although some of which I have explained further, are paid.  Which you may have to buy, if you need more, then let’s not waste much time and come straight to the point and know.

What is a Keyword Research Tool? Find the Most Popular Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

About these Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools, in many of which you can also research about Hindi keywords.

What is a “Keyword Research Tool”?

Keyword Research Tool is a tool with which we add Focus Word of our posts to these tools and get to know about their Monthly Searches and Competition from Traffic Volume, CPC, and other websites associated with that Keyword.

By the way, we all know about keywords, any word that we search by typing in Google or any search engine, that word or an entire line.

The main word that is in it and from which people come to your website after searching are the keywords.

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After that, Google itself tells all the available values. Keywords of this type are called long-tail keywords.

Why is it important to use the Keyword Research Tool?

Its use is very beneficial, and with the help of the Keyword Research Tool, you can quickly and easily get ranking in Google and other search engines.

To rank any article, high-quality content needs to be written as well as the article’s relevance.

Top-level keywords are needed so that Google’s algorithm can understand how your content is different from others.

Many users go to someone’s website and look at their Title and think that writing posts on the same Keyword and Title will be useful, so if you do this then don’t do it at all.

Advantages of using the Keyword Research Tool?

There are many advantages to using this tool, in which you will get to know how much traffic is on that keyword and secondly you will know how much competition is there on that keyword.

And these two things are most important because only on its Behalf, you can implement your Focus Keyword in your article. Also, when you research a Keyword with the help of Tools.

Then it also shows you the Relevant keywords related to it, with the help of which you can get an article to be ranked in Google with multiple keywords.

You must have noticed that when you search Google something, then after showing the results at the top, in the bottom, Google shows the Relevant Suggestions of the keywords you have searched.

You can also understand these types of keywords and implement them in your post if your post is linked to it.

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

As I already told you that it is free but not completely free, for this you will have to go to Paid Plans to use some of the tools completely ie their full version.

1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner Tool

Google AdWords: Do you know that this is one of the best free Keyword Planner tools, when it comes to research keywords for free, then every blogger puts it on the first choice.

By the way, it is to choose Targeted Keywords for an advertisement and to find the best keyword so that a client can target and set his Ad with the help of it.

But bloggers use it for their work, with the help of this you can find out the complete details of your keywords like – how much traffic comes monthly on Keyword, how much people search for it in Google.

How much CPC is getting on it, and how much competition is there on keywords and much more, if it is Google’s data, then you get the right information.

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2. Ubersuggest By Neil Patel

Ubersuggest: This is a free Keyword Research Tool that is available for free from Neil Patel, on which you can find keywords for free and also remove its details.

In this, after entering any keyword, you remove all the information related to it in front of you, and in addition, you also suggest other keywords related to that keyword.

You can have only one problem in it if you want to find Hindi keywords, then you will not be able to do it because it does not have this option.


KeywordTool: This is also a very good tool to find keywords in which you can find keywords in the Hindi language also.

This tool is very simple and easy to use, in which you get more than 500+ keyword suggestions.

But it has some limitations, and to overcome it, you have to go towards its Paid plan. In which you have to take the Monthly Subscription Pack which you like.

4. Ahref Tool

Ahref: There is a Paid Keyword Research Tool, and a very popular tool, in which you get many other services in addition to this.

For which you will have to spend money, but it gives very advanced and accurate information, which proves to be extremely beneficial for Bloggers.

Even though you will have to spend money to use it, the value also provides it to you equally, most of Bloggers use it only.

You can not only find keywords with the help of this, but you can also join other tools and services related to its SEO and use it.

If you want to start with its Trial, then it gives 7 Days Trial for 7 $, using which you can understand it better.

It gives you all the information related to your keyword, which you can read and complete by visiting its website.

5. SEMruSh Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush: These are also a very popular tool, which can easily do all kinds of work for your blog, whether it is keyword research or anything related to SEO.

If you talk about Keyword Research, then it gives you a few hints in the free plan, just like Ahref, if you want full service, then you have to take Monthly Subscription which starts from 99.95.

But at the same time, if you want it, you can take 1 month Trial for absolutely free, but for this, you need an Affiliate link, without which you can try with a new email id and site URL.

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