10 Simple And Secret Windows Tips Can Save Your Time

15 Simple And Secret Windows Tips And Tricks Can Save Your Time
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Windows OS designed with beautiful and attractive which gives you tons of options for doing changes in your Windows system. Using these options you can make changes in your system. Thus I have also 10 simple and secret windows tips and tricks which help you in saving your time and make professional and expert.

10 Simple And Secret Windows Tips And Tricks Can Save Your Time

These simple and secret windows tips and tricks can make a big difference in your workflow. Let’s see all the tips and tricks.

1. The secret of right-click option

Have you ever faced the problem of copying the file path location and sending a file to another place? Here have a solution to this. For selecting the file path location first, click the right button with the shift key. After that, you can see the option of copying the path. Here you can also get the extra option in send to option.

Right click with shift button secret windows tips

2. Erase the past

If you drop the folder or file on any location and dragging the file for the copy by accidentally, you can erase the past by using only short key CTRL+Z. Yes, this also works with the copy-paste option.

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3. Add checkbox in File Explorer

Yes, you can enable the checkbox in your file location. This option helps you in choosing the multiple files at once without pressing the CTRL button.

Open file explorer >> View >> check out the “item check boxes” option.

If you want to select a group of files (with serials) you have to select your first file and after that click on the last file with hold the shift key as far as you want to select.

4. Snap Desktop Window

You can open multiple apps side-by-side and you can start your multiple works. Simply click on an open window and touch the left or right edge of the screen through dragging. This window automatically resizes to fill half of the desktop.

You can also use the short key form the keyboard. After pressing the windows button with the arrow sign, it works the same.

5. Pin common item to jump lists

Using this windows secret option you can pin your common file which you need always and can open from the taskbar.

Right-click on Application from the taskbar >> In the file name row on the last corner you will see the option for “Pin to this list”. Using this option you can also do unpin from the list.

Pin To The List Windows 10 Win 8 Secret Option

6. Increase the number of items in jump lists

In this jump lists, 10 items default will be display. Using this option you can increase your item lists.

Right-click on the taskbar >> Select Properties >> Jump list >> set number of recent items to display in jump list.

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7. Task Scheduler

This helps you schedule tasks on your computer, like closing it at a specific time each day. To begin, type “Task Scheduler” in the search option on your windows.

8. Right-click with Shift button on the desktop

Do you want to open your command prompt fast? Yes, just right click on the desktop with the shift button now you will see the option “open command window here”.

Right click with shift button on the desktop windows secret tips

9. Right-click on the Windows icon

If you are a fan of the non-tiled start menu, you can also appear on the Win 10, Win 8 operating system. For this, you need to click the right button on the windows icon. Now you are able to access them.

Windows Secret Tips

10. Rotate your screen

Do you ever need to rotate your screen? Yes, you can also rotate your screen like as Android.

ALT+CTRL+Down Arrow Button – For rotating 180-degree (flip upside down)

ALT+CTRL+Up Arrow Button – For rotating 180-degree (actual Screen)

ALT+CTRL+Left Side Arrow Button – For rotating 90-degree (upside move into left)

ALT+CTRL+Right Side Arrow Button – For rotating 90-degree (upside move into right)

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Using these all simple and secret windows tips and tricks you can make your work faster than before. These all are interesting tips and tricks. If you enjoy this don’t forget to share this post with your friends, family, and colleague.

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