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PDF To Word Converter App | How To Convert PDF To Word

PDF to Word Converter App - How to Convert PDF to Word
Written by Rakesh Kumar

We have developed certain expectations for our smartphones. They need to ensure that we are always in touch with others and that we can finish our tasks much faster. We have become dependant on being instantly connected with everyone. We expect from others to respond quickly to our requests, almost without delay or we get upset.

Most of the documents that you receive via emails or over the phone are PDF documents. The PDF documents are great for reading, same as pictures are for watching. But they aren’t convenient when you need to edit those documents or to extract data from the document without retyping all the text again. So this puts you in a certain tight spot when you need to make quick adjustments while on the go.

That is why there are mobile apps like PDF to Word Converter app, which can help you avoid retyping the data from scratch in a new document. Instead, you can reuse your old document, convert PDF to Word document and it will keep all the formatting of the previous file. It is up to you only to make those necessary changes to a report, and you are good to go. It means you won’t keep anyone waiting for a long time before you can respond to their request.

PDF To Word Converter App

Here are the features of the PDF to Word Converter:

  • Unlimited number of free conversions

The app is free to download and use for unlimited time. Also, there are no limitations on file size when converting, so you can convert a one-page document or entire 50-page book all the same.

  • Great conversion quality, delivering the exact looking document

When you convert PDF to Word, all the formatting that was in PDF document stays the same in the converted file. The app is equipped with OCR technology which allows it to convert even the scanned PDF documents and images with text to editable Word document. If the document has tables and graphics, they will be formatted as the original document too.

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  • Converts files from Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Gmail, Dropbox and Box

You can convert files locally or use files that are stored in your cloud storage or PDF attachments that are part of Gmail communication. This makes things a lot easier because you don’t have to download files on your device to convert them.

  • Very user-friendly and simple app

The app is very clean and easy to use. It requires only a few steps to convert a file, and there is no a steep learning curve in that process.

  • Scan documents with the newest feature

With the newest update, the app can be used as a document scanner. You just need a document in front of you, scan it with this app, and convert it directly to Word document. No need to use multiple apps for this task.

You can download the PDF to Word Converter app on both iOS and Android platforms.

How To Convert PDF To Word On Every Smartphone

Here is a quick guide on how to convert PDF to Word using this app.

1. Select the file you want to convert – You can either use the document on your device, that is stored on your cloud storage or that is a part of Gmail attachment.

There is also a third option, and that is to use your phone’s camera and scan document directly from the app.

2. Once the document is selected, it is uploaded to the conversion servers where the conversion occurs. Because everything is done online, there is no additional battery drain while converting files.

Convert PDF to Word

3. When the conversion is finished you will receive your document that is ready to be edited further. You can open the document in MS Word app to edit the text.

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That is how can you convert PDF to Word document, using only your smartphone. Editing PDF documents won’t cause you headaches anymore. Just use this workaround and make every PDF file editable again. The best part is that you don’t have to seat in the office at all to finish this job. You can finish your tasks while on the go.

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