What is an OTG USB Cable? Everything Need to Know About OTG USB Cable.

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As you know that, it is the era of Technology and in this era Technology is growing up day by day. A new Technology is invented a day to make easy of the people’s works. Among of that technology, The mobile phones and PCs are very popular in the people. Phones (Smartphones) are the most critical communicating device among the people. Some of the people have don’t enough time to do work on the screen, in that circumstance people can work on their phone in running mood by using an ‘OTG’ USB Cable. OTG USB Cable is a type of cable that is very helpful to the Smartphone users. By using OTG USB Cable  You can easily do a special (professional ) type of works related to the computer on your phone.

Now, I’m going to tell you about an ‘OTG’ (on-the-go) USB cable, that what is an ‘OTG’  USB? How it works and where it is used, on which situation it can be used on which device to make works easy.

What is an OTG USB Cable?

An OTG (on-the-go) OTG USB CableUSB Cable is a type of cable which is generally made of plastic. OTG USB Cable is a standard that enables mobile devices to talk to one another. Mobile devices could only connect to a MAC and a PC by using USB cable. But OTG USB enables it to connect directly. You can use some additional hardware such as- keyboard, storage devices, musical instruments together with your Phone. OTG(On-The-Go) is a standardized specification for USB connections that allows a device to read data from your phone and other storage devices directly.

Where OTG USB used?

OTG (on- the-go) is used to link between two devices. USB OTG products can communicate with each other without the need to be connected to a PC. For example-A digital camera can connect to a PDA or mobile phones can connect to a printer or a scanner, mouse or keyboard also.

  • When your Phone’s screen get affected.  

Sudden, your phone’s  screen doesn’t work properly or break down and you have an emergency work on your phone then it does not matter to be troubled, Connect a  Mouse or Keyboard to OTG USB and connect second part of OTG to your phone. Now you are ready to do your work easily on your phone. During working,  you will feel that you are working on PC, not on the phone.

  • You can print your documents without a PC.

If you have some important documents in your phone or other storage devices such as-Flash drives, Hard drives and micro Sd cards. You can print that documents by using an OTG cable through your phone or other storage devices.

Step 1: –  Connect an OTG  USB to a printer.

Step 2: –  Connect second part of  OTG USB to your phone or other storage devices.

Step 3: –  Now, select your documents to print which you want.

  • You can learn to type without a PC.

If you don’t have a PC and you are interested in typing and want to learn to type; doesn’t matter, you can learn to type without having a PC. For typing, you should have a smartphone having ANDROID, WINDOWS or IOS operating system. It is compulsory to have a smartphone, keyboard, nd OTG USB cable.

Follow below given steps to learn to type:-

Step 1:- Install Office app from your store.

Step 2: – Open Office on your phone.

Step 3: –   Connect OTG USB to Keyboard and connect another side of OTG to your phone.

Step 4: – Now, take a new page and start typing which you want.

  • You can play your favourite games on your Tablets and Mobiles through Joystick using an OTG USB cable.

If you are not agreeing to play your favourite games on your Tablets and Mobiles by just touching your screen, you can play the game through Joystick by using OTG USB cable.

Connect OTG USB to the Joystick and connect  another side of OTG to the Phone or Tablet. And now enjoy your favourite games.

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