Learn More About Analytic Tools from Home

Analytic Tools
Written by Aashirvad Kumar

Business analytics is important to the success of any organization. You can increase your Business Intelligence (BI) knowledge in the comfort of your own home. Here are the best picks for online courses and tutorials that can help you learn more about analytic tools.

Learn More About Analytic Tools from Home

If you want to learn more about Analytics Tools from home, here, most of these programs are free to try.

edX Data Analysis & Statistics Courses

edX introduces courses from the top universities and colleges from all around the world. Most of their courses come from Harvard, MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley, among others. Check out the selection until you find the right course that fits your needs.

The Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics course is taught by expert Andrew Gelman. It’s the perfect course if you want to learn about data science and analytics. This course is self-paced and free to take. University credit is also offered, but you may have to pay a small fee in order to earn credit.

Codeacademy’s Learn SQL

Codeacademy is a great online learning experience for anyone who wants to become a data analyst. It’s a great course to take, no matter your skill level. The SQL course is structured with a query language that’s used on the most business apps, CRMS, and databases.

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Once you learn SQL, you’ll be able to read and access data in almost any context. This course is valuable to take since it shows you how to run SQL commands in an interactive online interface. This course is self-paced and free to take. However, you don’t earn a certificate upon completion.

Data Analysis Training From partnered with LinkedIn to offer one of the world’s best online learning platforms. This online course has been created by practitioners for practitioners. There are currently over 69 courses and 2,594 tutorials for those who are serious about data analysis training.

This course covers a wide variety of subjects such as data validation, Excel, SPSS Statistics, and web analytics. This self-paced online course is for everyone from novice tech users to data scientists. You can enjoy the 10-day free trial or subscribe for $25.00 per month for the basic membership.

There’s also a $37.50 premium membership which includes pricing options for teams of five or more. Certificates are only available for select courses.

Wharton’s Business Analytics via Coursera

This online course allows you to learn and apply business strategies in four courses: Accounting Analytics, Customer Analytics, Operation Analytics, and People Analytics. This course also comes with an optional fifth course called Business Analysts Capstone, a hands-on project that allows you to apply your skills by solving problems for major organizations like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo.

This course was created in partnership with Yahoo to enable you to make these data-driven decisions in your career. This four-week course requires one to six hours of study. The average student completes this course within five to six months.

Coursera offers a 7-day free trial after you will pay $49.00 per month. You do earn a certificate after completion of this course. 

Microsoft Azure Training Courses

You can get the Azure online certification you need in the comfort of your own home. With an Azure online certification, you can architect, develop, and implement some of the most common Azure solutions. Getting certified can prove to your colleagues that you have what it takes to use integrated cloud services in Azure that can reduce costs and improve privacy.

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There are various courses that can help you learn Azure technology development solutions. If you want to explore some of these courses, receive a free 90-day Microsoft Azure trial. This allows you to create a custom mobile experience, test and deploy apps, and gain insights from your data analytics. After the 90 days, you can upgrade to a subscription service. You can earn your Azure online certification in just 12 months.

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