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How We Can Use Social Media Sites as e-commerce Stores

How we can use social media sites as e-commerce stores
Written by Rakesh Kumar

You might have an e-commerce store performing well when it comes to sales. You might be making good money out of it, but have you ever thought of adding more sales channels to it?

Yes, when it comes to growing in e-commerce, there is always room for it. The one direction to look forward is – the social media channel. Today’s consumers are tech-savvy. They leverage both mobile and social media scanning content, networking, connecting with family or friends, and even shopping.

Their continuous involvement has helped social media to grow from a networking site to online shopping platforms. Even studies have shown that around 75% of customers buy a product that they saw on social media. It means brands do not have to put in a lot of effort to drive the attention of the customers. Also, they do not need to spend a lot of money for doing so.

How we can use social media sites as e-commerce stores

As such, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are the platforms that help you promote your brands and generate new sales.

Here is how to use these platforms as an e-commerce store to boost sales. Let’s check it out.

1. Choose the platform where your target audience

There are many options when it comes to social media channels. From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, pick the one that fits your business needs. But remember, your prospects might not be frequently available on the platform you choose. Therefore, select the platform that your prospects use frequently. In simple words, go where your target audience is going.

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As per Pew Research Center, seven out of ten Americans leverage social media to connect with family and friends despite engaging with viral news, sharing information, and entertaining themselves.

Facebook is home to 1.32 billion active users on a daily basis. Its user base comprises of all demographics. This huge concentration of users makes Facebook an ideal platform to focus on. Therefore, Facebook is the best choice for e-commerce companies to focus on.

Instagram is yet another networking site that ranks higher among top social media platforms. As of July 2018, there are about 1 billion active users per month on this channel. As far as daily users are concerned, the platform has 500 million users.

This data clearly shows which platform would be great for you. However, you need to search yourself to find out which platform is popular among your audience.

2. Curate and share content relevant to customers

97% of customers who interact with user-generated content are more likely to buy. Brands witness a 78% jump in their conversion rates when prospects come across with CGC (customer generated content). And, social media is the best channel to gather and display content from your consumers.

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The content should feature your products as social proof to encourage your prospects while winning their trust. It will also help you gain back your existing customer’s loyalty. Customers sharing your posts that feature your products could also help you attract the followers in your customers’ network. Besides improving brand identity, it helps you win their trust and boost sales.

3. Ease the buying process

Today’s customers do not want to waste their time on social media pages that take too much time to complete a purchase. It means the process should be simple. From selecting a product to check out, it should have only a few steps.

Not only your social media page design but the ads you share on Facebook or Instagram should have a “Shop Now” or “Buy” button.

For Pinterest, leverage Buyable Pins. Such pins help consumers to click a “Buy” button located directly on the Pin and proceed straight to checkout. Buyable Pins are used to simplifying the shopping process that ultimately leads to improved customer experience and sales.

Consider these simple ideas to leverage social media sites as your next e-commerce store.

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