How To Make Secure Online Transactions

Best Tips To Make Secure Online Transactions
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Online transactions always carry some risk because online fraud is increasing frequently. Do you want to know how to secure online transactions? Yes, you can also make more secure online transactions by self-doing many things. When it comes in mind ‘secure transaction’, while there is no guarantee that you will always be safe from a cyber, it’s more of a habitual change that you need. So, here I’m sharing the best tips to make more secure online transactions.

How To Make Secure Online Transactions

If you are going for online money transaction, these things always keep in mind.

ATM Safety Tips

If you are going to ATM center, first of all, check the all protruding device on the ATM card holder, any protruding device should not be out. All devices must be embedded.

In the ATM center, there may be hackers sticking the camera anywhere inside the ATM room whereby he records our fingers. So, always cover your hand while putting the PIN number.

After transactions must tear all receipt.

If you are getting any type of OTP number, never share your OTP number or ATM PIN with anybody.

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Credit/Debit Card Safety Tips

On all credit/debit card you see the space in the backside of the card for signature and just inside of the signature space you see 3 digits of CVV (Card Verification Value) number which is used for online shopping. If any person has your ATM card number and your card CVV number then that person can online shopping to your card. So, the better thing is, remember or note the CVV number and erase or cover this CVV number from the card.


Do not hand over your card to any person. If you need to swipe card on the swipe machine, swipe self, don’t give the card to any person.

Net Banking Tips

When you open your net banking site, you must know the proper spelling of the site. After opening the site, first see on the URL, here all spelling must be right and URL must be the secure protocol (attached https in the site URL) with the Bank certificate.

On the site user login time always use the virtual keyboard for insert password.

Before leaving the webpage of the online banking site, Log Out your account.

Mobile Wallet Tips

If you have installed any mobile wallet App in your smartphone, Install App locker and lock the mobile wallet App.

Don’t save the card details and never share your OTP number with anybody.

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