How to Actually Make Money as a Blogger

How to Actually Make Money As a Blogger
Written by Rakesh Kumar

A decade ago, blogging was just another hobby for people who love to write. Now, it is deemed as another vast expansion in the social forums. Bloggers are a real deal; they have their raving fans and are a huge part of the media industry. If you are new to blogging, welcome! Here we provide some hacks to make money as a Blogger while you follow your passion. Some constituents have to be followed to become a successful blogger.

What are these points and how do I start? Starting a blog is not very difficult; you can create your account in five minutes and easily start your journey. But, it might not be as effective as you want it to be.

How to Actually Make Money as a Blogger

The cheat! Isn’t it why we all are here? There is no easy way of doing it, however; there is a way. Let’s summarize it in 5 basic steps for actually make money as a Blogger, so all your how, why, where, and when can be answered.

What Should I Blog About?

Yes, I have an account and ready to let my creativity flow; waiting and still waiting. No, you don’t have to join the meditation class to find your inner peace and creativity to flow. Instead, have a pen and paper by your side and jot down all the things you are passionate about; be it a restaurant or a vsco girl trend. Point is to take a step; rest can be done with the help of feedback. If there is no feedback, there you go – pick another topic and write away. Talk about the things that happen in most of your gatherings or social circles. If not, add keywords. Multiple sites offer the most searched words; there is a free extension that Google Chrome provides. You simply have to add it to your list of things to do. Try to create blogs by using these creative strategies. The key is to keep writing and at some point, you will find your expression of life.

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But, there is a ratio when you are using the keywords. Create a blog with a small proportion of your aside information and match it with the wholesome of keywords. Remember to stand out in a way your blog doesn’t look weird. Infuse good content just like AGradeEssay; they provide quality of work that always leaves their customers satisfied. A blog should always satisfy its readers.

Designing Your Blog:

Once you have a mind bogging writing journal, there comes the next part and my favorite ‘beautifying’. Everything needs a dash of sprinklers and some colorful pens to make it much more exciting. Oh yes, I am talking about blog design.

How to Blogger Make Money Web Design

You need fans and you will get it if you have a good interface. You need to grow it larger than life – even if we are talking about a dachshund; yes exactly that little dog breeds. Make it exciting and unique; add your touch into it.  Your blog should have optimum speed it shouldn’t slow down the pace of your readers.

You need to make these fans your subscribers and followers no matter what. They are your special power and you need to tell them how much they mean to you.

Platform to Choose:

Platform – the essential tool to look for when publicizing blog writing. You can have your variant from Blogging to Instagram. Your call! But, stick to one or two. I know there are many platforms and probably having multiple accounts can make more money for you. But, it’s a lot to handle as well. With multiple social websites, you can lose your creativity and the interest of the readers.

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Instead, opt for one platform and manage it accordingly. The best traffic you can get is on Facebook as it has a wide range of users, but it might not be the best place for readers – the same goes for Instagram. These sites are heavily based on visuals and graphics.

The best place to have users and organic traffic is Pinterest. It has a large network and mostly based on bloggers; here, you can gain many fans within a short span of time. With the options of different boards, people can store and share your blogs.

Getting to the Money Part:

All this fame and mind bogging writing skills – still, no money? Well, let me correct that. Bloggers can earn money as far as making a few grand’s in a year. The answer to it is ‘ads’, especially affiliate ads. With growing fame, it is unlikely that nobody asked for affiliate marketing. But, if it is the case, multiple sites will sign you up for free as associates. Go and get affiliated with them!

It works like; if you link the product with your content and someone clicks to it and purchases the product, then you can have some proportion of the assigned amount. It all works through paper clicks.

There are tons of different ads and ways to sell other people’s products through your blogs and get some amount out of it.

You can also sell your services through writing blogs. Many individuals seek platforms to place queries regarding write my essay in 12 hours. This is the opportunity for you to cater to these individuals rightly and make money through effective writing. It will optimize your skills along with earning through hours in exchange. You can use a content marketing tool for this.

Another way can be by email marketing; get mails of your fans and send updates about on-going trends and sales so that potential buyers or fans can easily access bucketful opportunities.

Optimizing Your Blogs:

The difficult part is completed. You now need to optimize your blogs; you have a crowd that waits every Saturday to read your blogs, wow! Reciprocate this feeling by educating and letting them learn something new from you. As an influencer, you now have certain rights that have to be used wisely. Keep upgrading your blogs. If your blog is about food, try making a brand and find the next step. Build a trusting relationship with your fans.

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Keep it in your mind that all things take time. Success doesn’t come overnight. But, it requires an ample amount of energy, time, and effort to bring your projects on the limelight. When losing motivation, look back on the time you were passionate to start your blog. It will help you to move ahead and make money as a Blogger. Make sure to always pay attention to details and the feedback of your audience. Good luck, mate!

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