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10 Free Best Keyboard For Android With Gesture Typing

10 Free Best Keyboard For Android - ETechHunt
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Are you bored with default keyboard of your Android Mobile? Don’t worry, Here are our picked 10 free best keyboard for Android which you are trying to find something different. Like this, there are various keyboard Apps available on Google Play Store but our picked best keyboard for Android is much popular and give the pretty look on your mobile. In our picked keyboard Apps, you can change the stylish font, Gesture typing, use Emoji & Emoticons, apply a different type of themes, and more thing.

10 Free Best Keyboard For Android With Gesture Typing

Want something interesting with chatting? Let’s also take a look at free keyboard theme. Keyboard themes are used in Android Phone for looking stunning.

#1 SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard gives you a whole range of features for easy to use. This app is absolutely great. Prediction method of SwiftKey Keyboard is called the “fluency engine”. Swiftkey is a faster yet for more accurate. It is a great option If you find an alternative to default keyboard. There are over 80 themes in this keyboard, you can choose your types in the different style and color.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | SwiftKey Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

This keyboard detects your writing style if you write without space, Swiftkey Keyboard automatic insert missed spaces. With this keyboard, you can type in five languages without having to switch your setting. Slide typing is also available on this keyboard.

#2 Kika Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Kika Keyboard support across all places where you use the keyboard. You can customize the layout to completely suit your need. This Keyboard support for over 82 languages. Simply swiping spacebar you can change the language. Offered you Kika Keyboard more than 3000 Emojis and many colorful themes, trending GIFs.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Kika Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

By custom keyboard theme you can choose your own photos, wallpaper, theme color and customize the font style, font size. So there will never be a boring conversation anymore with Kika keyboard – Emoji, GIFs.

#3 Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is the best Google Play App of 2016 in 20 countries. As well as Go Keyboard is the best emoji keyboard on Google Play. This keyboard offers you over 100 beautiful fonts including Basileia, Rayna, Toshiyana, Elgtion and other popular fonts.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Go Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

You can change keyboard in the different color. Go Keyboard offers you find more new and popular Halloween theme. Using this App you can enjoy your every tap with cool fonts and sounds.

#4 Gboard – The Google Keyboard

Gboard – The Google Keyboard offers you search and share anything instant by pressing G to the keyboard button. In this keyboard, you choose a theme with or without key borders to suit your style. You can search the latest emoji that’s perfect according to moment.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Gboard - The Google Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

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Simply tap on the emoji button and type like this “smile”, “angry”, “car”, “Pizza” and you will instantly see all relevant emoji. Gboard offers, you can search and type with your voice. The Google Keyboard provides you amazing, interesting features.

#5 Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard fastest keyboard in the world. After using this keyboard you never feel boring. In Fleksy includes 45+ language and a lot of themes. you can use multilingual typing. This is the flexible and powerful keyboard.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Fleksy Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

In this keyboard, you get a unique ability which is the swipe to delete whole words rather than a single letter. This keyboard offers, you can customize the setting by self.

#6 ZenUI Keyboard – Emoji, Theme

ZenUI Keyboard also works best as a smart keyboard. This keyboard offers you unique thing is, you can jot down your thoughts, notes, and memos as a note-taking app. In this keyboard, you also get voice input, split keyboard (for a tablet), autocorrect option, emoji, emoticons, theme store with rich designed themes, and most thing

Free Best Keyboard For Android | ZenUI Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

ZenUI Keyboard offers next word prediction. ZenUI Keyboard also supports more languages. In this keyboard, you can easily change keyboard color and themes.

#7 Keyboard

Using Keyboard you can personalize your chatting with a fancy and beautiful photo. This keyboard is designed for those who like sending messages with emoji, GIF. This is the powerful emoji keyboard.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Keyboard Screenshot Image

In this keyboard, You can use stylish font, gesture typing, and 1200+ Emoticons & Emoji. This is the best category winner keyboard on google play store. You can try this keyboard.

#8 Emoji keyboard cute Emoticons – Theme, GIF, Emoji

You can decorate your own keyboard with Emoji Keyboard cute Emoticons – Theme, GIF, Emoji. This is the best keyboard for Android with Emoji, word prediction, custom wallpaper, latest GIFs, Emoji, and swipe typing. This keyboard helps you send 3000+ funny GIF, emoticons, and different colors of emoji.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Emoji Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

This keyboard is also provided different types of free themes. The unique feature is Text faces including on this keyboard. As well as supports 60+ languages.

#9 TouchPal Keyboard – Predictive Text & Glide Typing

TouchPal Keyboard offers you 1000+ free animated and live theme. This keyboard provides voice typing, glide typing, gesture typing. Using this keyboard you get fun endless. This keyboard offers a new feature, you can convert word into GIF animation.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Touchpal Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

In this keyboard personal photo set as a theme wallpaper and customize with various color.

#10 Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs, Themes & Games

Ginger Keyboard is a fun, smart, and accurate. Ginger Keyboard comes in the best keyboard for Android on Google Play Store. you can use this keyboard for free quickly grammar checking, spelling checking, and capitalization mistake.

Free Best Keyboard For Android | Ginger Keyboard Screenshot Image - ETechHunt

As well as this keyboard also offers you for enjoy and express yourself with 1000+ beautiful emoji, stickers, animated GIFs, and more at any place.

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If you want to use the alternative of the plain android keyboard, here I shared with the best keyboard for android. In this all keyboard apps you get overall features but now, depend on you whose keyboard is your favorite. I think you are confused? Who is one of the best keyboard for android? Don’t confused! All keyboards offer you Emoji, sticker, theme, photo wallpaper, slide typing, prediction, autocorrect, and more option. Every keyboard offers you own unique thing and all keyboard are best to own itself. You can use any our chosen keyboard app.

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