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Best Ways To Download Facebook Chat Conversation

download facebook chat conversation method
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Facebook provides a chatting facility for all Facebook users which is very useful. In this chatting box, you may be talking about for important thing or some interesting talk. In such a situation, you might also think that how good it would be if all of these messages remained the offline backup or how to download Facebook chat conversation. Don’t worry, Here, I listed two best ways to download Facebook chat conversation. Using this method you can easily download Facebook chat conversation and you can safely keep messages conversation in your storage.

Best Ways To Download Facebook Chat Conversation

1. Method

Using this method you can download Facebook chat conversation with your mobile phones and as well as with a Pc. This method helps you to download all messages conversation. Here no need to select any one person in the chatbox.

First of all, open the Chrome browser on your mobile and go to the “Request desktop site” option from the right corner option bar button and make enable this. After that simply log in your Facebook account. If you are using a computer, you can open your any browser and log into your Facebook account.

Enable Desktop mode in chrome browser

After logged in click on the   drop-down icon from your logged-in Facebook dashboard to menu tab. Now will appear an option list where you will see a setting option. Click on the setting option.

Download Facebook History

Now will appear a General account setting dashboard. Here you will see an option in the box “To download your information, go to Facebook information”. Click on this option.

After that, you will see a view option in the second line (Download your information) click on the view option.

Download facebook messages conversion

Click on Create file option for downloading all Facebook data. And if you don’t want to download all Facebook information, you can select a specific category like messages, images.

Create File for download Facebook messages

After clicking on create file option you will get a message “Your file is being processed”. After some time you will get a notification from facebook “your facebook data ready to download”. Clicking on this notification you will see a Download option. Now you can download your all information. From here, you can only download facebook messenger conversation.

Final download facebook data

Of course, after downloading you will enjoy because now you have all messages conversation, pictures, files, and more things.

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2. Method

You can also download facebook chat conversation using a Message/Chat Downloader chrome extension. Using this method you can download any one person of conversation at a time.

First of all, add this “Message/Chat Download” extension in your chrome browser. After that Login your Facebook account open messenger tab in full window (Click on the messenger icon from the Facebook menu now click on See all in Messenger option from the bottom left corner).

Now select any person’s conversation which you want to download and press the Message/Chat Downloader extension icon to the extension bar of chrome browser.

Now, select a date range which you want or you can select all conversation and press Start download option. When the download finishes, the page will be updated to only show your selected conversation. Depending on the number of messages the download might take from seconds to several minutes.

For save it, right click on the page and click on save as option. Now choose your location where you want to save this chat conversation and save it. Make sure that your file format should be “webpage complete”.

This method only works in the Chrome browser.

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This is the best method to keep the backup of the “Facebook chat conversation”. Using this method you can see anytime conversation and as well as you can see offline your all uploaded files, pictures, videos, and more things. I hope this is very useful and helpful. You can choose any method to download facebook chat conversation according to your need.

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