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Top 8 Biggest Social Media Platforms For Your Businesses

Top 8 Biggest Social Media Platforms For New Businesses
Written by Rakesh Kumar

It’s time you need to tell about your business around the world. For this, you need to be active on the biggest social media platforms. Social media increases your brand awareness and reach. Social media allows you to easily and quickly promote your brand and share your information with a large number of customers. Nowadays social media has changed the total strategy of advertising and marketing. Here, first of all, we see why we need social media for your business. After that will see the top 8 biggest social media platforms for your businesses. It also helps in growing your local businesses.

Why Need Social Media For Your Businesses?

Social media plays a big role in growing and promoting both small and big businesses on the Internet. On social media, you can showcase your product, event, brand. So why not use it? Free!

Social media helps you to develop a loyal community and using this you can know your customer better. And social media platforms also help you directly target your audience by age, location, and too many types.

It helps you with the increased digital exposure and can boost your traffic, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking if you have a business website.

Using social media your marketing cost is reduced. You can also improve your customer services, solve the customer’s problem.

Now, let’s know who’s the biggest social media platforms that can help you.

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Top 8 Biggest Social Media Platforms For Your Businesses

If you want to make a business brand, you need to be active in 2020 trending social media. But which social media platforms help you in building your big brand? For you, I have 8 Biggest social media platforms lists which will definitely help in your business.

1. Twitter

I can say Twitter is a professional social media platform compared to other social media. Twitter has an ability that makes your post viral. You can use this for the update recent news, event, information, and more.

2. Facebook

There are billions of people who are daily active on Facebook. This site offers you for the post, share, tag, views, promote, sell the product. For the small business, Facebook is a great social media platform that’s are looking to advertise events and products.

3. Linkedin

Linkedin provides the facility for the build your professional network. Here you also get the option of sharing information, photo, video. LinkedIn allows members both workers and employers to create profiles and connections to each other in an online social network which may represent the real-world professional relationship.

4. Google+

Google+ is a Google product that makes attractive. Here you can also share your information, event, recent news, and more. This platform also makes your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value, you must use this social media platform.

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5. YouTube

YouTube provides a video uploading feature on the Internet. This is very helpful for you for showing your work, event, brand to the world. YouTube is also a Google product that also works with SEO which is the second most popular search engine.

6. Instagram

Instagram provides you facility for the sharing Photo, Video, and little information. Here, users can browse other user’s content by tags and locations, and view trending content. If you post any photo video using tag users can also get your post by searching your tag. It increases your brand showcase.

7. Pinterest

Here you get an option for the Pin any visual post. If you want to target the women audience, Pinterest is a good platform for your business. It is mainly used for the images, gifs, and video sharing on the world wide web.

8. Flickr

Flickr also provides a facility for the image and video uploading with the description. This is the product of Yahoo here you get free 1000GB of the storage for the uploading your photos.

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You can choose and identify the biggest social media platforms for your businesses. There are a lot of social media available in the world but only you can judge which social media is suitable for me. I have listed the most popular social media platforms which help in all type of business.

This question for you – Why should you use the biggest social media platforms for your businesses? Which type of benefits can you get from social media? Tell me about your opinion.

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  • Hey Rakesh Sir,Your post is very helpful and informative for me and other readers.Nowadays social media is becoming popular and helpful because by using this platform we can promote our blog and make good relationship with our readers,we can also make more traffic.All the platform that you have suggested are awesome , in which i think google, twitter and instagram are very good to use.thank yousweety

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