Best Ways To Find And Get Rid Of Stolen Content

Best Way To Find And Get Rid Of Stolen Content
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Plagiarized content would be the worst enemy for any kind of online business. When it comes to the internet you need to be very careful about plagiarized content as this may affect your ranking position on search engines.

In this post, we are going to discuss very importantly about plagiarized content and ways to get rid of such content. I believe this would be helpful and great that you know the ways to prevent your website and your business from plagiarized content.

Best Ways to Find and Get Rid of Stolen Content

Let’s Get Started!!!

Let us first understand what a plagiarized content is. That would help you get a better idea of what you’re going to work on.

What is a plagiarized content?

A plagiarized content or a copied content is something that has the shades of an existing content. The content may be a blog, an article or even a normal web page content. Any content that is copied directly or even spun after copying is also considered to be a plagiarized content.

In spite of your content being stolen are rephrased anywhere else, you can prevent them from causing trouble to your ranking position. Not only the stolen content of the website but also the data that was stolen during the transfer of data between the web browser and the server are becoming more and more worrying and that is why website owners use at least a standard SSL certificate such as RapidSSL for it. You can also follow these steps and track your content and get them preserved from content stealers.

How to find plagiarized content?

It is obvious that when somebody finds something valuable they try to obtain it rather than owning it. And that is how content plagiarism is done. When people find content that is valuable and that it would profit them in several ways they steal them. The renderer of the original content will not be able to predict it; hence he/she would suffer an authority crisis and even lose their website’s position on the search engine.

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In order to help people who are struck at such circumstances, there are a few effective tools that would predict any kind of copied content. Now let us have a look at these tools to prevent content plagiarism.

Free tools to detect plagiarized content:


Copyscape is one of the renowned tools that has secured a good place in the online industry. This tool has the ability to evaluate articles and confirms whether the content in it are original. In case if the tool predicts any plagiarism in the content, it comes up with the information from where the content is being copied.

By then you can initiate further steps to get your content removed from other sites that have used your content with your authority.

DMCA Scan:

This tool is something similar to Copyscan and performs the steps in detecting the content from various sources. There are added benefits in its premium plan. This tool can be used for large websites in order to reduce the pressure of plagiarized content.


Another free subscription tool that allows you to check any content by posting the content directly to the text box that the tool provides. You can do that very much easier in case if you think that any of your content is copied.

The biggest advantage of using this web-based tool is, the tool highlights the copied texts with a red signal and mentions the source to help us know where the content is spread elsewhere.


Duplichecker is one among the duplicate content finders. This tool also helps you to find content that is copied from your web texts. But it is recommended to subscribe if you are going to make searches more than 1000 words or by uploading a word document to it.

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There are several other tools that can help you find the plagiarized content and get them fixed. We saw a couple of free plagiarism detecting tools.

Utilize Google Alert:

Google alert has a peculiar way of generating SEO results and those results would be in such a way that it would be helpful for scanning information that is related to your company/website. So, you can make use of this tool to check for the content that is related to your online business.

Once you enter Google Alert you need to enter your search. It is because you will be able to find alerts on content that you are looking for. If you don’t find any alerts you can change your alert query.

You can perform the following steps on the Google Alert,

  • Create an Alert
  • Select the source
  • Choose a frequency
  • Modify searches
  • Delete

You can perform all these actions when you wanted to get an alert on copied content. But what if you find that your content is stolen.

Let us discuss this in detail now

  • Collect the evidence of the plagiarized content by taking screenshots.
  • Drop in a friendly message to the company asking them to remove your content.
  • In case if they do not comply, you can complain about it to their hosting provider.
  • Or if they are someone who has self-hosted their website then you can complain about it to the platform.

You can include the screenshots when you drop in a mail to the concerned company that has used your content, and this will not be termed plagiarized if the content user has mentioned you in the source.

But you can claim them in regard to copyright. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of copyright terms and policies. You can grab them from Wikipedia.

Ways to prevent content theft:

DMCA Protection:

The DMCA is the badge that is used to preserve the content from theft. With DMCA, you not only protect your content, but you obtain copyright protection for your content. You will be able to obtain the copied content and threaten those stealers with legal actions.

Watermark your content:

Content doesn’t mean only verbal statements are content. The images that you use is also a form of content that you use on your website. You can make use of it by adding a watermark to those images. By then you state that the image authentically belongs to your content/website and it is offensive stealing them from the web.

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At the same time, you need to be sure that the images that you use, or watermark is completely your effort and you own the ownership by designing it by yourself and not a stolen one.

Disable right clicks on content:

You can get your content protected through safety measures and tools. This indeed makes it hard to steal the content. The simplest reason for stealing content is that people either find it hard to generate content or feel lazy to generate their own new content.

Most of the content that is normally stolen are done by copying content from the existing websites. There is a simple technique to avoid this from happening on your website. You can install a plugin that can disable the right clicks on your content.

By doing this, content stealers will never be able to grab or copy your content or the images from your website. This can never let the content stealers to retype the entire content which definitely takes a lot of effort and time.

Copyright Content:

The copyright notice is one of the best ways to get relieved of all the shortcomings. If you are someone who is already using the license, it is appreciable. If you are looking out to obtain a copyright for your blogs or website content then follow these,

  • You need to download the copyrights application form.
  • Mail your application.
  • Also include your TX Form, Site’s printed pages, Cross-platform CD-ROM and the application fee.


Facing the biggest issue on your website could be prevented or let go of you. It is you who should be able to take preventive steps to preserve your content from being stolen. Plagiarizing content is really accountable, and people have to face a bad consequence if they happen to do so.

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With all the above-mentioned tactics you will be able to protect and safeguard your content from all malicious hacks. You have all rights to stand up for your authorship at the same time you should remember that you are not allowed to do the same that the same rules are applicable for you too.

Do you suffer content hacks and theft apply all these steps and get rid of them? Never miss to tell us about your success stories.

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