Best Free YouTube Video Downloaders

Best Free YouTube Video Downloaders
Written by Aashirvad Kumar

Watching a video on YouTube is cool but what if we need that video offline. YouTube officially didn’t allow us to download the video. Now, what to do? We spend hours searching for “YouTube video downloaders” on google. As usual, google gives hundreds of options to download, now the next problem is which one to go for?

Or you fall into the category of people who have a slow internet connection in their area. Then streaming a live video can be as difficult as driving a tireless car. In such a situation where internet connectivity is a little slow, these below-listed downloaders can be very helpful. You can simply the download the video and can stream it anytime you want. If you are among the one who had faced or facing the problem right now then you will thank us for a while. As we have created a list of best Free YouTube video downloaders.

Best YouTube Video Downloaders In 2018

Though if you quickly need a reliable YouTube video downloader then you can check YouTubNow and can download the video. Later on, you can come back and can have a look over the features of YouTubNow video download for YouTube. Now, let’s move towards the list of best youtube video downloaders.


Quick and Simple

No doubt if we have recommended this downloader before the list then it will be the best of all. We have selected this YouTubNow this time because it offers everything that a YouTube video downloader can ever offer. This particular download doesn’t have an application. Thus you just need to visit the website and just need to paste the link of the YouTube video right way. Don’t you know how to download a YouTube video? Then quickly have a look over the last section of the article. Bang! Downloading process will begin automatically.

The most important feature of this downloader is that it offers you high speed downloading. Thanks to the premium servers. This particular Downloader is very reliable and easy to use, as mentioned above it doesn’t have an application thus, you need not download the application in order to download a video from YouTube.

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4K Video Downloader

Fast and Flexible

4K video downloader is a stunning download for YouTube video. It offers you high-speed download and adds free experience. Along with this, it doesn’t include any unwanted extra software. You can also download the whole playlist in a go but there is a limitation, in the playlist, there should be at max 24 videos. In addition to this, 4K video downloader gives you several options in formats of the video you are about to download. You can even download 3D and 3600  videos.

If you want to download larger playlist then you need to pay 10$ to the developers and in return, you will get a lifetime license for three PC.

Although it is not required to get the premium version as the free version delivers everything you need for basic usage.

WinX YouTube Downloader

Powerful and Simple UI

WinX is not only a YouTube downloader, basically, but it also supports over 30 websites. You can download Facebook videos, DailyMotion videos, etc. This YouTube video downloader has the feature to pause and resume your video downloading process. You have the liberty to download any format of the video starting from 3GP format to 1080 p. Along with this, there is an additional feature that is being offered by this download i.e you can convert from any format to any format of video.

Any Video Converter

Special effects

Any Video Converter is not a YouTube video downloader, basically, it’s a tool to convert the format of the videos. Later on, after analyzing the demand of the users. The developers decided to launch the YouTube video downloading feature.

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This video converter cum downloader has some special effects by which you can edit the video right at the moment you download it. Thus, we can call it a converter, downloader, and a video editor. If you want to download the video for some professional work then you can go for “Any video converter cum downloader cum editor”.

Free YouTube Download


A very simple tool to download YouTube videos. It’s a very basic YouTube downloader that doesn’t offer any additional features but it is good at its job. You can download any video just by pasting the URL of the video in the downloader. Along with this, you can download videos into audio format if in-case you are only interested in the audio, not in the video clip.

How to download get the URL of YouTube video?

In order to get the URL of the YouTube video, you need to perform some operations or you need to follow some particular steps. But before that let’s understand why it is important for us to get the YouTube Vide link. Let me tell you that if you want to download any video from the YouTube through the downloader then it’s required to have the URL of the video. Now let’s begin with the steps.

  1. Open the Chrome browser or other browsers
  2. Visit the YouTube official website.
  3. Search for your desired video.
  4. Now a link will appear in the address bar of the chrome or other browsers.
  5. Select that link and copy the whole address.
  6. You have the link now, just paste the copied link in the downloader and your downloading will begin.

If you will follow the above-mentioned step then it would be easy for you to download the YouTube videos easily. Otherwise, it might happen that due to wrong URL you may download the wrong video.

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This was a whole guide on Best YouTube video downloaders for 2018 and a small guide on how to get the URL of the video. If in case you want us to do an upgrade in the list or want us to add a tool that is brilliant enough to stand among the above-listed app, then do let us know through the comment section below.

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