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Be Aware Before Writing These Things On Social Media

Things On Social Media
Written by Aashirvad Kumar

Social media appears to be a playground where anyone can write anything. In case you are not pleased with what someone has written, you are dismissed with the message to unfollow or unfriend. Whether the social media platform is private or corporate, there are writing rules that govern its usage.

Always take care to post the right information on social media. Here are cautions to exercise whenever you are on social media.  

List Of Things Before Writing On Social Media

Personal Details

Social media comes with followers and friends. While it is a private platform, the presence of friends and family members makes it shed a level of privacy. It is, therefore, inappropriate to post personal information on any social media platform. Such details can be turned against you, especially for criminal purposes. 

Personal information is also used to create pseudo accounts and documents that may be used to defraud people or cause your accounts to be emptied. Providers of credit and debit cards always insist that personal information must remain away from social media. Stick to these instructions to avoid catastrophic consequences. 

Experts also advise against posting a lot of personal information on social media. Your relationship issues, work-related occurrence and dream, plans, and other personal problems do not belong to social media. They may be taken out of context or cause people around you to panic. 

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Before Mainstream

Social media is so fluid and swift that it provides information about incidences and events before mainstream media can verify it. Since social media users are all over the world, information flows fast. Followers and friends will pass information about accidents, appointments, deaths, births, and encounters instantly. Do not be quick to share such information. 

In the era of fake news, some information might be unverified. The persons responsible could be pseudo accounts out to trap you. In cases of accidents, people close to the affected persons might be unaware of these situations. Such sharing of information is considered unprofessional and prejudicial to close friends and family members. 

Issues of national importance like terror attacks are even more sensitive. Experts advise against sharing such information because it advances the course of terrorism. Do not give attention to attackers, but promote national good on social media. Such restraint in posting sensitive information explains why horrifying images of accident and terror scenes are not shared. There are social media rules for corporates to follow. 

Corporate And Professional Communication

Corporate social media accounts demand the most caution. These accounts are sensitive because customers, partners, employees, the media, and all other imaginable entities are watching. Miscommunication may cause the value of a company to collapse or a deal to be withdrawn. Any message posted on a corporate social media platform receives heavier weight than a private account.

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Experts recommend that corporate accounts have stringent clearance levels and requirements. Before a message goes to social media on a corporate account, the update must be authorized by at least three people of different management and administration ranks. Such scrutiny ensures that the language, tone, and message in the post are accurate, and as would be intended by the company. 

Communal Or Socially Sensitive Issues

Each season witnesses particular trending topics that elicit social emotions. Before you make a post regarding such a topic, it is always advisable to hold back. Think of the reactions that your post or message will elicit from the masses. The expected response will determine whether you should post the information or not. 

The challenge with sensitive topics lies in the interpretations that the masses give your post or update. Some will support, while others will oppose it. However, the biggest problem lies in your reputation as an individual or corporate organization. A post done innocently may turn out viral and divisive. Avoid such traps by writing, sharing, liking, and even following topics that are commensurate with your professional or corporate image only. Avoid any controversy because the issue will be resurrected against you sometime in the future. 

Photos Of Other People

It is natural to love the image of a person and desire to share it on your social media. Social media platforms also provide opportunities to share videos and pictures of other people. However, there are instances where sharing or posting images of other people can backfire against you. If the image is controversial, you will be part of the controversy. A personal picture also attracts condemnation that you are intruding. In case you share, attribute the images or message to the original person. In case regulators raise an issue with the wording, you will have sufficient defense on your side. 

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The content you write on your social media account must be synchronized with your corporate image. Hire an expert writer to develop captivating content for social media to sell your professional or corporate brand. Professional writing will help you avoid penalties or public lynching for inappropriate content on social media. 

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