Awesome Upcoming Mobile Technology Trends that will Blow your Mind Away!

upcoming mobile technology trends
Written by Rakesh Kumar

With each passing year, mobile technology is evolving. The time is not far when it would completely take over other communication channels.

Mobiles have already gained huge popularity due to the myriad of exciting features it offers. I remember the time when the only source of entertainment used to be a TV placed in the middle of our living room. Ever since the advent of mobile technology, nobody seems to have the time for that. I spend most of my time on my mobile too, making sure to utilize even the last, tiny bit of internet data of my WoW packages. And my mobile has never disappointed me.

Awesome Upcoming Mobile Technology Trends that will Blow your Mind Away!

What looked like a mysterious dream about two decades ago, has emerged as the most promising technology of all times. It is no more an urban trend now and is effecting the rural areas equally. What was all about just calls, messages and playing games, in the beginning, has turned into a machine that can do almost anything for you now. It can book appointments, edit your documents, share videos, tell you what the time is, do the research on your behalf. What else can you expect from a single device? But there is much more to come, and tech gurus all over the world are talking about such amazing trends to expect in the upcoming year. Curious? Let’s have a peek at a few of those!

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Advancements

Technological advancements are taking up a pace previously unseen in any field or industry, and AI is leading the race. It is most likely to lead it for the next few years too. Although, AI might be such a broad term for few to define or confine to a single definition. It includes anything and everything that can mimic human task performance or interaction in any way. It applies to semantic and voice search queries, better versions of facial recognition software, image refinement, etc.

The tech gurus are so sure about the increase in the pace of AI advancements over the coming up years because its implications in real life are too many. You cannot exclude it from your life even if you try. Be it the commerce industry of the business sector, it is everywhere. And is growing. AI getting more intelligent with time can mean so many things. Your customer care would be handled by analyzing customer behaviors and choices automatically. Imagine your mobile not forgetting to wish your brother on his birthday even when you do!

5G Internet

If you are already using 5G internet on your mobile, you can understand what an enhancement can do for the world of internet speed. Here’s the good news: it is going to get better in 2020! They are working on increasing the bandwidth, and it is going to provide unparalleled internet speeds. Imagine your favorite movie downloaded in 5 seconds! With a 3G network, it can take up to 26 hours.

5G is going to cut down costs too. It is going to provide better connectivity, higher data quantity, and reduced latency. It is also going to use fewer energy sources.

But this is going to take some time. Most likely, we will have to wait for another five years before more than 50% of the population has access to it. But we can wait, can’t we?!

Smart Cities

Although it is still a far-fetched idea, it is no more fiction. The 5G enabled networks would be able to so much more than what our 3G networks are already doing. Smart lights, sensors, cars not requiring human drivers, mobile-operated vehicles to take to work (cool, huh?), etc., are just a few examples of what setting up Smart cities can offer.

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Wearable Tech

I am sure you are familiar with this advancement in tech. People can now wear clothes that has smart fabric designed to support sensor technology. Although this technology is not new, this technology is surely going to grow in the coming up year. We can expect to see virtual and augmented reality glasses that could be connected to our mobiles, digitally designed textiles to enable temperature control using our mobiles, pet trackers connected to our mobile devices, and even tattoos made with E-Ink. And this technology is not going to stop here!


The technologies listed above are the potential advancements, but there is so much more to look forward to in the upcoming year. It is been a month now since I have realized that the best way to use my Optimum Internet packages is to keep an eye on the upcoming scientific research and advancements. 2020 is going to be a happening year, for sure! Stay Tuned!

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