API Design: The Fundamentals of API Designing

API Design: The Fundamentals of API Designing
Written by Rakesh Kumar

In the 21st century, APIs became a crucial part of online business. The world of APIs grew with the emerging popularity of mobile technology and social media. Since that happened, companies around the world realized the advantages of doing business online. Nowadays, APIs are all around us. We are using them on our mobile applications, websites, desktop apps, etc.

Before the developing process even starts, developers should have a meeting with the stakeholders. During the meeting, come up with a clear plan for the design process, and discuss everything from the look of the interface to finding the best API design tool. The next few steps include choosing the technology and building a model for data-distribution.

Know About The Fundamentals of API Designing

In the development process, there are some elements that are in the need of developers’ attention.

How to Define API Design?

Ordinary people usually have some prejudices when it comes to building a piece of software. They think that all the developers are doing is coding. The truth is, however, much different. You see, coding is only a part of the process that is more complex than it looks.

Designing an API means providing an interface that is easy to use, that works properly at all times and that is even easy to maintain when needed. Every product in the world needs a manual, and APIs are not an exception to the rule. Therefore, your API needs to have clean documentation.

To sum things up, the design process of your API should include the following two things:

  • The resource structure
  • The resource documentation

Better Dev Experience

If you are a developer, the developer’s experience is essential. Ask any developer about spending countless hours on trying to implement a simple solution. Most of them have done and none of them will do it again. If you have a good API design, you will make the developer`s life easier.

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In turn, the developer will show you his gratitude by spreading a good word about your API and leaving positive comments all over the web.

Simply put, a well-designed API is a gem for any developer. Naturally, it is much easier to understand a simple, clean API than a messy one, because of its organization. Plus, if it is easy on the eyes and fun to interact with, the developers will have a blast working with it.

Better Documentation

Probably the most important thing for all of the future consumers of your API is understandable documentation. This is because APIs are not always easy to implement. And it’s not just the APIs, all kinds of software can be tricky to use sometimes.

For that reason, you need to have documentation that will take the developer through every step in detail. The documentation should answer all the questions the developer might have and save him a couple of days of work that would be spent trying to solve multiple problems.

Incremental Development

It is pretty natural to assume that the development of an API is a continuous process. Developers or organizations that don’t think so probably aren’t ambitious enough. Only through continuous developing, you could realize the full potential of your API. You can always update your API, or throughout time, you can perhaps build several versions of your API.

With the evolving of your services and product, you should follow through by updating your API. A well-designed API is easier to update than a messy one. When you know what, when, and where the changes are needed, it is easier and less time-consuming. When we are talking about more complex API, surely we can say that they are harder to manage.

Better API Implementation

Your design plan should be looked at like a blueprint for your future product. That blueprint needs to outline your goals clearly. However, that’s not all an API design plan is good for A clear plan shines a light on all of the CRUD operations and endpoints.

Moreover, this will allow you to avoid a number of complications down the road that are known to emerge in the implementation process. The design plan will help you with the configuring data distribution and you’ll be able to know the API will work in practice.


API design is a crucial thing nowadays. The design will improve is crucial for the experience of your future users. And as we all know, their experience is the biggest factor that will influence your adaptation rates.

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We said already that well-designed API will save you a lot of time. That is important because of today’s trend. Develop as much as you can, in a short period of time. In order to be a good API designer, you need to have a lot of practice and the best API design tool. That practice will result in the advantages we talked about in the article.

Thank you for reading our article! We hope that it was informative and fun. If you have something to add, or you just have some question, feel free to leave a comment in our comment section down below. We will respond as soon as we can.

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