7 Best Chrome Extensions You Can Use When Working On The Internet

Written by Rakesh Kumar

7 Best Chrome Extensions-ETechHuntToday’s most people are using Chrome web browser for using the Internet. You are thinking why chrome browser is popular in the worldwide? well, many causes of Chrome browser popular is that Chrome is everywhere for everyone. Its provide the own different type of chrome Apps for the different purpose and different types of useful Extension for the different purpose. As well as according to my view chrome browser is very fast to another web browser. Here I sharing with you only 7 best chrome extensions into thousands of extension you can use when working on the Internet with chrome browser, makes you very helpful.

7 Best Chrome Extensions You Can Use When Working On The Internet

These Extensions help you complete work in the easily way. Now let’s describe this extension.

#1. URL Shortener

Sometimes we see long URL in address bar and we want to send URL to any person or share any place than it has been broken down as much URL. And URL is not working. So URL Shortener provides you method to create short URL.


#2. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary help you for know about the definition of any word. If you don’t know “means of any word”? Don’t worry! This time Google Dictionary is very useful for you and best chrome extension. If you don’t know which word, double-click on words on the definition of the word you can see. After seeing definition of the word you may be understood means of the word.

Google Dictionary Extension Screenshot-ETechHunt

#3. Google Mail Checker

If you use Google Mail Checker extension then you can know about Gmail inbox new messages to browser bar. Its feature is that if any messages coming in your Gmail inbox then just display the number of unread messages in browser bar on Google Mail Checker icon in red color. you want to see this message then just hit the Google Mail Checker icon in the browser bar.

Google Mail Checker-ETechHunt

#4. Desktop Notification for Android

If you work or Entertain with Chrome Browser at this time you get some distance on your mobile and you want to know notification of your android phones. Don’t worry! There is no need for a mobile viewing. All notification to your mobile chrome browser appears on the display through Desktop Notification for Android Extension. For this, you will sign in same google account in this extension and which you want to see notification of the mobile.

Desktop-Notification for Android Extension Screenshot-ETechHunt

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#5. Office Online

Office online provides you Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and Sway. The main advantage of this extension is-  you can Open, Create, and Edit documents which document stored on One Drive without leaving the browser. One drive keeps your documents in Cloud storage whose you can access anywhere anytime. After adding Office Online Extension You don’t need to install Office in your Computer.


#6. Google Keep

If you want to keep any founded URL, images, quote for see later, Google Keep is best chrome extension and popular extension of google chrome. This extension keeps your information in cloud storage. After installing the extension you need sign in from Gmail account after that you can keep information in Google Keep. Google Keep provide make a list, notes, create a label and many features.

Google Keep Extension Screenshot-ETechHunt

#7. Joxi Full Page Screen Capture

Through this Extension, you can take a screenshot of your current chrome window tab. This extension is the better way for taking a screenshot of the entire page of the current tab without scroll down. For take screenshot clicks on Joxi Full Page Screen capture icon in the browser bar. In the rare case your chrome page large and you want to store in one image then Full Page Screen Capture will be very useful. As well as you can take a screenshot of selected area of current window tab. A great feature of this extension is that after taken a screenshot you can also edit screenshot image like as- Blur & highlight some part of the image, add shape to the image, and write text on the image.


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