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6 Best Android Games Free For Kids To Play

6 Best Android Games For Kids To Play
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Kids can’t play High Level’s game. Because their mind could be unable to catch the theme of a game. But their mind can have some pressure if they use to play High-Level games. So that’s why so many games have made for kids so they can enjoy and they won’t get any types of stress. Most of the people use to say that a game used to fresh kid’s mind. But it’s not true. Kids get depressed because of High-Level type games. So that’s why there are some best android games for kids which won’t give depressed to any kids while they will play those games.

6 Best Android Games for Kids to Play

If your child using your mobile, you can keep these free best Android games for kids offline on your phone.

1. My Talking Tom

The game used to repeat your voice if you talk in front of him. More important, the game use to give so many funny faces and kids will start to laugh when they will play this game. As you know, laughing fresh a people’s mind and the theory also applies to kids. The amazing game developed in November 2013 through Slovenian studio Outfit7. My Talking Tom is safe to play the game for kids. Kids won’t have depression while they will play.

2. Chameleon Run

The game is about running. Chameleon Run is a game which takes all your concentration because the game is too fast and your eyes also have to be fast as the game is. Otherwise, you can fall down. A Kid can develop his or her concentration and skill by playing this game. The wonderful game, Chameleon Run released on April 7, 2016, and developed by Hyperbolic Magnetism and the publisher is Noodlecake Studios Inc.

3. Mekorama

This one is a puzzle-solving type of game. As we know that a puzzle game uses to gain the skill “strategy” which is obviously a best to play for kids. So they can get a skill, use to call “Strategy”. Mekorama released on May 15, 2016, and developed by the team Ratalaika Games, Martin Magni, designer- Martin Magni. The publishers are iDreamSky Technology Limited, Rainy Frog and Martin Magni.

4. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja game is about to cut Fruits. But if by mistake if anyhow touches on a bomb so the game will get over. Cutting a fruit, you’ll have points. The game released on April 21, 2010, by an amazing creative developer, Halfbrick Studios. This one also an award-winning game and use to nominate for Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite App, People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Mobile Game.

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5. Candy Crush Saga

The game about to match three puzzles and complete the level. So you can reach to next level. The background sound also awesome of this game and a person uses to feel peace after hearing the background sound. The amazing game released on April 12, 2012. The game developer and publishers are the same, “King”. Candy crush saga is the most popular Android Games for everyone.

6. Hill Climb Racing

This is not a racing game but this one is a driving game. Drive and drive and get fuel tanks which you’ll get on the street. Than collect coins, so you can upgrade your street, buy some new vehicles or cars and upgrade them by those coins. Hill Climb Racing released in 2012 by the developer, “Finger soft”.

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Don’t let play High-Level video games to your kids. Because the High-Level game can harm physical and mental both of kids. Because those type of games makes a kid stress. So choose Best Android games for Kids above. So a kid can stay fit both physically and mentally. There are so many games and My Talking Tom uses to make a kid laugh. So you can choose that game for the kid also.

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