5 Useful Android TV Box Tips

5 Useful Android TV Box Tips
Written by Rakesh Kumar

An Android Tv box is a simple Tv box which works very similar to that as the androids operating system does. The Android operating system is everywhere around us for instance on our phones and tablets as well. If you know how to use your tablets and smartphones, then you can use all the apps or most of them easily on the android Tv box.

Android TV vs Android TV box

The Android TV box is an attempt by Google to play your media hub. Similar efforts were being observed during the last few years by the Microsoft Company (Xbox), Roku, Apple, Sony (Connected Blu-ray players, and PlayStation), Amazon, and the list is too long to mention here. Android TV box is the 2nd Google attempt in this race – it would be 3rd attempt if we count the Chrome cast. Google TV was, in fact, their first attempt, but was not really much popular.

The difference between the Android TV box and Android TV lies in their operating systems. Android TV is the latest special version of the main Android OS. Not all apps are run by the Android TV, at least you need rooting of your device. But the apps that it runs are designed specifically for your TV and not for your touchscreen.

5 Useful Android TV Box Tips

To give a customized look to the Android TV box, different companies are creating different launchers or skins. Basically, they are doing efforts to make it easier to use while you are sitting on your room couch!

If you are using the android tv box and wish to make more use of it, you must then pay attention to the following tips mentioned below. These are:

Close all the running apps in the background

Sometimes when too many apps are running, your Android Tv box might then start to get stuck or even not respond. If you want to use the Android Tv box smoothly, then you must ensure that the background apps must be closed.

All Microsoft documents must be edited

With the help of the smart office app, you can edit all your Microsoft documents. Use this app to view your files, edit them, share, create or modify and then edit them all together. You can also edit your spreadsheets and presentations.

Put up a webcam for video chat

You can set up a webcam on your Android Tv box so that you can do video chat on Skype. With Skype, you can talk to your friends and family on the big screen and enjoy more!

Do not pull the power lead when you restart

Restart your Android Tv box by making use of the keyboard remote and do not pull the power lead. This safety precaution of not pulling the power lead can prevent your android box from getting damaged.


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