4 Ways Smartphones Can Help Researchers

Smartphone can help researchers
Written by Rakesh Kumar

Researchers range from medical, financial, scientific, or market. However, regardless of your job description, it’s at times much better to deal with smaller devices for convenience and time. Don’t get me wrong, smartphones cannot replace large computers when it comes to doing the strenuous task but they can be useful if you need to continue your work on daily travels. We all know that catching up can be very important.

Smartphones may not be as powerful as desktop PC or huge supercomputers used in research labs, but their potential benefits can’t be ignored.

4 Ways Smartphones Can Help Researchers

Researches should embrace smartphones as one of the crucial tools in their daily works. Regardless of their scientific or marketing researches, here are the potential benefits of smartphones.

1. Providing real-time insights: 

Researches are often influenced by real-time developments in the industry and market. With real-time monitoring, researchers can monitor consumers and the industry. It is now very easy to collect text, video, audio, images, and survey results using smartphones.

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2. Better accuracy: 

Relying on experience and memory can be murky at best. This haziness could be caused by our natural tendency to remember most things that match societal norms and our existing knowledge base. With smartphones, it’s more likely for researchers to get accurate data, which are obtained from observation, instead of from memory or existing obsolete documentation.

3. Anonymous research:

Researchers often want to seek information and news in a safe and anonymous environment. This will allow researchers to express their flexibility and they don’t want to be observed by others.  They can go into an environment where facial expressions and body language don’t exist.

4. Experience the consumer’s perspective:  

It would be quite helpful for researchers if they can experience the market and the industry from the consumer’s or user’s perspective. Researchers will understand why people behave or think in a specific way.

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The best way to observe consumers is to mingle among them and it’s easy to do with smartphones. Researches may join conversations with regular consumers and gather their opinions anonymously. After one week of interacting with consumers, researchers may start to see some patterns. It is even possible to get accurate information on a national scope, by taking samples from people at different locations and from different demographic characteristics. Researchers may even “leak” some non-crucial insider information to attract the attention of consumers and see how they respond to it.

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