10 Tips To Extends Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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Written by Rakesh Kumar

In today’s the biggest problem for peoples “ How to extends smartphone’s battery life ”. Nowadays, in smartphones many apps and many function run in the background, even when you’re not using them it may cause the battery to charge loss. In this case, we offer some simple tips you can use to make and extends your smartphone’s battery life.

 10 Tips To Extends Smartphone’s Battery Life

#1.  Shorten screen time out:

Keeping the timeout duration short will ensure that the phone doesn’t waste power when you’re not using it. All Android smartphones allow you to customize the display timeout time. You might want to reduce it to a more practical level like 30 seconds, which will help you increase the battery efficiency of your smartphone.

#2.  Disable app data for all Non-essential app:

Many apps run in the background, even when you’re not using them. This makes sense for things like email and social media, where you might want to know the minute you get a new message or comment, but do you really need your games, notes, and music players gobbling up battery resources 24/7?

#3.  Reduce the display brightness:

You may already know this one, and it applies to your phone as well as laptop. Most smartphones have an auto-brightness feature, but it may help to manually adjust the brightness if you want to extends smartphone’s battery life last longer.

#4.  Turn off App notification:

Many mobiles apps offer notification, those little messages that tell you when something has happened in the background. Unfortunately, this can eat up a lot of battery and lost of mobile applications do it.

You’ll have to go into each app to turn the notifications off but it’s worth the effort. Two of the biggest offenders are Twitter and Facebook so turn those off unless you can’t live without them.

#5.  Bluetooth, Wifi, Mobile data turn off when not use:

Several Technology on your mobile, including Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and Mobile data are made to continually check for signal making them the biggest battery killers of Mobile phones and potential radiation emitters.

#6.  Turn off GPS, NFC and Location service:

GPS, NFC and Location services is another feature that can affect your battery performance. Maps and Compass are some of the applications that actively use the features. If you don’t use these services regularly, turn off the GPS, NFC, and another location services to extends smartphone’s battery life.

#7.  Install the latest operating system:

Your Smartphone’s operating system, be it iOS, Android, RIM or Windows phone is one of the key factors affecting the battery performance. If your phone is running the old version of Software which contains bugs, it may cause the battery to drain overnight, even without any use. So always update your phone to the version of the software to get rid of battery bugs. Who known that the updated software can make your phone’s battery last longer?

#8.  Turn off Vibration and Keytones:

Vibrations are great for notifying you about incoming calls or messages when you’re in the theater, meetings or other places where it’s necessary to keep the phone silent. In places where it doesn’t matter, it will be better for you to use your ringtone as notification if you want to keep your smartphones on longer. Switching off your mobile phone’s Vibrate function and consider switching off your keytones if you can live without them. So you might want to put off vibration and Keytones unless you want that as an additional awareness.

#9.  Only used original battery:

Only used original batteries or respected third party manufacturer batteries. Saving a few bucks on a battery that might damage your beloved smartphones is a poor choice indeed, and may also deliver sub-standard battery performance.

#10. Charge the battery regularly:

Most of the smartphones are powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. To maintain the battery’s lifespan, you should charge it regularly regardless of battery level. It helps the electrons in a Lithium-ion battery actively moving around. It’s recommended to perform at least one full charge and discharge cycle (0% – 100% and 100% – 0%) every month.

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